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JUNE 2015




June 5
01 NANTUA Antique Show until 07/06/15
32 SEISSAN 2th Antique Show until 07/06/15
45 MONTARGIS Antique Show until 07/06/15


June 10
BRUXELLES BRUNEAF XXVth Antique Show until14/06/15


June 13
69 LYON Antique Show until 14/06/15


June 17
75006 PARIS Antique Show St-Sulpice until 29/06/15


June 18
ART BASEL BELGIQUE Antique Show until 21/06/15


June 20
51 St-MENEHOUD Antique Show until 21/06/15
58 St-HONORE LES BAINS 8th Antique Show until 21/06/15
92 RUEIL-MALMAISON Antique Show until 22/06/15














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