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"Landscapes of here,"
May 15, 2010

The museum Hebert offers, in the large gallery and the cabinet of drawings, the exhibition "Landscapes of here," 30 years of museum acquisitions Hebert.


The Musée Hébert itself from a donation made in 1979 to Les Conseil Général of Isère, has been working for thirty years to expand its collections in three major directions: the work of Hebert, those of his friends, works of artists form Dauphinais.


In so doing, it offers visitors unpublished paintings that will mix with the existing works already exposed, renewing permanent or attachment opportunities for temporary exhibitions.


Teenager, Hebert made his first studies on the ground in the campaign Dauphinoise. The landscape, favorite subject for him, has always figured prominently among the works by friends he collected. The donor, Rene Patris-d'Uckermann, left paintings by school Dauphinoise twentieth century, those of Jules Flandrin, Gabriel Fournier, Lucien Mainssieux ... Since its inception, the museum completed its regular collections with works by Jean Achard, Charles Bertier, Lawrence Guétal Ernest Hareux Claude Pollet, Theodore Ravanat, Francois Ravier. So many artists who remind us that Hebert has always participated in exhibitions of the Society of Friends of the Arts of Grenoble, alongside his compatriots he received and advised willingly or La Tronche, or Paris.


The exhibition "Landscapes of here" we can see some of these works, some for the first time.




 1                                    2
1 Charles Bertier (Grenoble 1860-1924 Grenoble) Effet de neige, vers 1904 Huile sur toile 83 x 117 cm Acquis en 1997 ©Musée Hébert / Florian Clavel
2 ACHARD.Jean-Alexis Achard (Voreppe 1807-1884 Grenoble) Les Saules, 1879 Huile sur bois 27 x 22 cm Signé et daté en bas à gauche : « Jean Achard, 1879 » Acquis en 1995 ©Musée Hébert / Florian Clavel



Until October 18, 2010



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