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Pakistan - Land meeting - I - VI centuries
- The Art of Gandhara

June 1, 2010

Gandhara was an ancient kingdom of Hellenistic influences, covering the provinces of North-western Pakistan today. This contemporary worlds Roman civilization in the west of Han Chinese to the east, finds its growth between the first and third century AD, the time of the successors of Alexander the Great and the Kushan Empire.

Meeting ground, a land of Buddhism, land invasions and trade, but also a land of ancient culture and diversity, Gandhara, saw the birth and development of a brilliant civilization combines Greek influences, fruit of the conquests of Alexander the Great, the Persian and Indian inspirations.

In this exhibition, 200 works Greco-Buddhist Gandhara exceptional features will be presented. Statuettes and statues of Buddha and revered (Bodhisattva ...), bas-reliefs of temples and stupas, neighbour with the terra cotta and stucco monasteries or palaces.

These works combine classical Greek art in Indian art. The fusion of genres and styles creates a unique art of a great unity of rare beauty.





Until August 16, 2010


Musée Guimet

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