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Henri Edmond Cross and the neo-impressionnism
September 1, 2011

This exhibition chronologically follows the evolution of the work of Henri Edmond Cross (1856 -1910) and compares with that of other Neo-Impressionists.


It highlights the links forged by the artist, during the years in Paris when he rubs Seurat, Signac and the first "new" to the years 1892-1910 when Cross came to St. Clair and Signac in Saint-Tropez, rallying point where a younger generation whit Matisse and the future Fauves  will learn to "division".


This is a total one hundred paintings and watercolours from private collections and international museums (Germany, Belgium, Japan, the United States ....), which has been assembled, allowing the discovery of unpublished works of the highest importance for the history of Neo-Impressionism.




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1 Henri Edmond Cross, Bords méditerranéens, 1895 – Huile sur toile Signé et daté en bas à gauche : Henri Edmond Cross 95 – 65 x 92 cm Collection particulière – © Steven Tucker
2 Georges Seurat, Port-en-Bessin, 1888 Huile sur toile – 54.3 x 66.7 cm Saint Louis Art Museum, Saint Louis © Saint Louis Art Museum, Museum Puchase, 4:1934
3 Paul Signac, Portrieux, Gouverlo, 1888 – Huile sur toile – 46.2 x 55.5 cm Hiroshima Museum of Art, Hiroshima © Hiroshima Museum of Art

From october 20, 2011 – february 19,2012



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